HVAC Office - Service Dispatch and Accounting

The HVAC Office is a suite of programs designed to perform all of the functions needed by the HVAC service contractor to handle service work order dispatch, invoicing, and office accounting.

HVAC Central Office Edition

The HVAC Central Office Edition is a software program designed to handle all accounting functions and the dispatch and billing of service order and job related invoices in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and plumbing industry.


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The HVAC Central Office program provides all the functions of a general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and a payroll system — plus invoicing and inventory control, service order entry and dispatch, job costing.

Service Dispatch Calendar

The main work area of the program is the service dispatch calendar area where customer work orders are entered, dispatched, and invoiced. ┬áThere are two views of the calendar – a grid view and a calendar view. From the grid view, work orders can be filtered by any field on the data grid. From the calendar view, the work orders can be viewed by day, by week, by month, and by technician.


Work Order Entry

Work orders are used to enter customer appointment information, record information about equipment installed and the service call itself, and later to bill the customer as an invoice. Time sheet entries and document imaging of the service documents are recorded in the work order. Work orders can originate from customer estimates and can have equipment and parts entered for the job on purchase orders.

Customer Quotes / Estimates

Customer estimates give your salespeople and excellent tool for providing price quotes to your customers and start the job costing estimation process. Work Orders can be created from customer estimates. Multiple types of estimate printouts are allowed to provide commercial customers a more extensive price quote than residential customers.

Customer Contracts

Keep track of ongoing customer maintenance service agreements with the customer contract area. Work Orders for future visits can be created with the agreements. Completed work orders and other billing are associated with the agreements.

Company Inventory Management

The company inventory area and management reports give you a complete look of item usage and needs. Quick filtering and lookup of items with the browse screen. Very detailed descriptions, notes, and item information in the entry screen. An inventory dashboard to get a concise view of item entry across the multiple documents of the system.

Truck Inventory Management

Easily create, duplicate, and track your truck inventories which is integrated with the company inventory, purchase orders, and invoicing.

Flat Rate Catalog

There is an integrated flat rate catalog area where you can enter and print your own flat rate catalogs for your technicians as well as being able to import from your purchased flat rate catalog vendors. There are separate price reports for the office and for the customer.

Customer Document History

A complete history is maintained of customer invoices and receipts as well as service time sheet entry and equipment notes. There are individual historical document areas which can be queried by date ranges and varied lookup fields.

Integrated Document Imaging

A full featured document imaging system is integrated directly into the service order entry area to maintain archival of paper documents related to each work order. Multi-page images can be added as one document image.

Job Costing

A full job costing module is included to determine job related revenue and costing. This module consolidates information originating from a job estimate plus revenue and costing from invoicing, receipts, vendor invoices, and employee payroll entries to give a complete picture of the job revenue and cost totals.

Purchase Orders

Vendor purchase orders are integrated with work order entry to better keep track of job related expenses.

Quickbooks Integration

Customer invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and timesheet entries are easily transferred to Quickbooks utilizing our Is2 Quickbooks Xml Server. Customers, inventory items, and vendors are added to Quickbooks automatically as documents are transferred.