Custom Programming – Pricing

Our customers sometimes require custom programming to extend the common functions of our programs for their specific needs.   You may inquire about adding customized modules to our program or about new projects by email at or call us directly at 214-513-8889.

Payment is usually collected at the beginning of a special project based on the quote of estimated time required for the custom programming needed.

To make a payment for custom programming, please use the links below.    Fill in either the days or hours of custom programming time to be purchased.  Your shopping receipt will serve as your invoice and receipt for your custom programming project.  Please keep those for your records.

 Custom programming is charged per hour at $200.00 per hour or per day at $1,600.00 per day.

Make a payment to show against your account for your custom programming project by purchasing programming hours below.  Fill in the number of hours you wish to pay for.  

Custom Programming Rates
Rate Amounts
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Per Hour Rate
$200.00 per hour
Per Day Rate
$1,600.00 per day

If you are not redirected to the shopping cart after selecting your purchase product above, click on the Shopping Cart button at top right of screen: