Catering Office – Overview

Catering and Event Planning Central Office Edition is a software program designed to handle all event calendar, dispatch, billing and receipt functions of events in the catering and event planning industry.   All modules work together to create a seamless environment needed that covers all functions of the catering business.

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Catering Event Calendar

The main work area of the program is the catering event calendar area.

The event calendar entry and dispatch area is used to enter all event appointments. Here you can enter basic event information, prepare the event quote, email or print an event quote, email or print the event contract, create the kitchen cut-sheet, and ultimately bill the client.

The event entry mechanism allows quick entry to prepare the event price quote and then create the customer billing invoice.

When the event is completed, customer invoices can be produced. Invoicing can occur prior, during, and after the event. Receipts can be designated as deposits to help in accounting for deposit activity. Printed invoices will show total amount billed to date for all invoices of the event plus receipts to date with an amount remaining due.


Customer Event Entry

Event Entry is used to enter event calendar, price quotes, billing information and later to invoice the event. Time sheet entries and document imaging of the event documents are recorded in the work order.

A Complete System

All in all, this is one of the most complete and easy to use systems for the catering and event planning industry that can be found. Over the next few years, enhancements will be made to constantly improve the system and help us better serve your company. Your suggestions are always welcome, so keep us informed of your company’s needs.